Assistant Director

This two-week course has been designed for those interested in being First, Second or Third Assistant Directors. The role of an Assistant Director involves supporting the Director, liaising with the Production Office, and running the floor so that the entire shoot is efficiently conducted and successfully completed.  This is a demanding role that requires a level head, self-confidence and strong communications skills in order to ensure that the entire crew is able to work efficiently as a team, under demanding conditions and time constraints.

This course is suitable for assistant directors wishing to better understand what is involved in casting the right performers for the right part. This course will be delivered through discussion, illustration and a series of very practical exercises and role-playing scenarios that will be recorded for viewing, feedback and assessment. By the end of the course, participants will be well versed in what is involved in being a member of the assistant director’s department. All that will then remain is to work on productions in order to gain valuable experience.

 By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Breakdown a script, create a shooting schedule and prepare relevant production paperwork
  • Evaluate risks, identifying hazards and know what to do when accidents occur on set
  • Manage the set with confidence during a shoot

Course fee: £1,500
Start date: August 2016