Camera Department Assistant

This three-week course provides a comprehensive introduction to the technical and creative use of 16mm and 35mm film cameras. Designed for those already familiar with digital cinematography, this course introduces participants to the core skills required when working with film. Good, competent and enthusiastic Camera Department trainees, with a broad set of skills are always in demand.  Working as a team, through practical on-set training and observation you will practice clapper loading, focus pulling, camera operating and movement, through a series of filmed exercises, using industry standard equipment. Throughout the course you will also learn about film stock, film processing and the digitisation process, to better appreciate the pros and cons of using film as opposed to digital.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Operate industry standard 16mm and 35mm film cameras
  • Build, load, maintain and safely transport cameras and camera equipment
  • Understand the complexities of shooting on film and the subsequent digitisation process

Course fee: £2,250
Start date: August 2016