Script Supervisors

This two-week course is aimed at those who want to learn and take on the role of an Assistant Script Supervisor/Continuity. The role of the Script Supervisor involves working closely with the Director and camera crew on-set making sure that nothing is missed and ensuring that there is continuity throughout the editing and post-production process. The majority of the time spent during the course will be on practical exercises - preparation and shooting - to give participants as much experience as possible to learn how to become ‘specialised observers’.   Practical exercises will include being the script supervisor on short pre-set scenes to test observational skills. Also covered will be software packages most commonly in use and typical delivery materials for the director and editor.  During the course, participants will be shown examples of work for analysis and discussion.

 By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Check eyelines, wardrobe, make-up, dialogue and all action shot on-set for continuity
  • Provide detailed paperwork and marked up scripts for editorial department use
  • Record information such as slates, camera and lens details for technical reference

Course fee: £1,500
Start date: August 2016