Storyboarding & Previz Artist

This course provides insight into the role of the storyboard and the more technical role of Previz artist. Over two weeks students will cover the creative skills required to visualise scenes from the script, in order to best express the narrative and address the creative intentions of the Director. Students wishing to take this course are therefore expected to demonstrate strong traditional drawing skills in order to clearly convey the composition and details of individual shots and sequences. Alongside the creative, students will consider technical aspects such as camera choice and lenses as well as the practicalities involved in realising a particular shot or sequence. For more complex sequences, pre-visualisation blends the artistic skills of a storyboard artist with the technical skills of a 3D animator and allows the Director to understand how to successfully execute a sequence of technically challenging shots and how a particular sequence will look once shot and cut together by an editor.

 By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Visually interpret other people's ideas in a cinematic way
  • Employ pre-visualisation software to demonstrate a complex sequence of shots
  • Recognise the technical, time and budgetary considerations inherent in your work

Course fee: £1,500
Start date: August 2016