Video Assist Operators and Assistants

Video playback provides a point of reference for, and a method of monitoring, everything that is rehearsed and shot by the camera crew and recorded by the production sound mixer. Video Assist is used by Directors, (and other relevant crew members including script supervisors), who watch the video monitor during each rehearsal and take. If playback facilities are available, video playback is used to review shots. Core skills covered during this intensive two-week course include knowledge of video, video playback equipment, video and audio cables, practised through a series of hands-on shooting exercises as part of a film crew.   Additionally students on the course will address the increasingly technical aspects of the role such as on-set editing and VFX simulation.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Set-up, monitor and troubleshoot SD and HD signals on-set
  • Apply up-to-date knowledge of digital imaging technology to your role as a video assist
  • Interact with crew and service the needs of various departments during a shoot

Course fee: £1,500
Start date: August 2016