MA Social Impact Documentary Filmmaking

This one-year postgraduate course in documentary practice engages in creating social impact through film. It recognises the unique role that documentaries play in society and the power of high quality storytelling. The goal is to provide graduates with the tools and the confidence to become effective members of the social impact community.

  • Research, shoot and edit your own documentary and social impact films
  • Investigate relevant funding and distribution channels for a particular project
  • Effectively develop and pitch a variety of documentary projects

One-Month Documentary

Our intensive one-month course offers students a variety of documentary practices, and the opportunity to film their own short documentary. Participants will consider the broader context of documentary by studying the current documentary landscape - from developing your ideas to delivering on a variety of platforms.

Taught through lectures, tutorials and practice-based workshops, the One Month Documentary course will encourage you to reflect critically, develop your personal voice, and broaden your skillset.

  • No previous experience required
  • 4 full weeks of training
  • Includes an introduction to research skills and London's extensive research libraries