Central Film School is pleased to announce an exciting new direction with a rebrand as the Academy of Intelligent Media, the addition of a raft of new courses and a close partnership with the Bertha Foundation.

A new website and a logo designed by Planning Unit launches today to introduce a series of new courses in social impact documentary filmmaking and disruptive media. Our new tagline, the Academy of Intelligent Media, will bring our ethos in line with the Bertha Foundation, a charitable organisation that champions activists, including filmmakers, who aim to bring about change. Mirroring the foundation's goals, Central Film School aims to nurture talent and support content creation that can achieve a specific impact.

The Bertha Foundation have nurtured global talent and have supported a wide variety of films, including over 180 documentaries, all of which sought a positive social change.

In keeping with our new direction, Central aspires to be the most ethical film school in the UK, from student selection criteria through to teaching students techniques to consider the environmental impact of their filmmaking activities.

While a film school at heart with visual storytelling at the core of what is taught, media will be embraced in a much more holistic way and our students will acquire skills and techniques to future-proof them in the ever-changing media environment.

Jonathan Peake, the new CEO of Central Film School says: ‘It’s a really exciting time here at Central Film School. Thanks to our partnership with the Bertha Foundation we are going to be able to bring to the school inspirational filmmakers, who have all sought to use the medium of film to make a positive social impact. Taking our lead from them, we will be seeking to help our students choose the most appropriate format for their content and distribution strategy to give their films the best chance of finding their intended audience and having its intended impact. We view film in a much broader sense and want to future proof our students for the ever-changing way in which moving image content is being consumed.’

About Central Film School: Academy of Intelligent Media:

Central Film School is a private school based in the east end of London. The school delivers relevant, practical training in filmmaking and screenwriting in a supportive, collaborative and creative environment. Small and friendly, the school provides continuous access to industry-professional tutors and one of the highest student-equipment ratios of any school in the UK.

About the Bertha Foundation:

The Bertha Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that seeks to make a positive social impact by supporting a range of activities that encompass activism, human rights law, enterprise and media. In addition to Central Film School, the Bertha Foundation’s other partners include Curzon Cinemas and Bertha DocHouse, the UK’s first documentary only cinema, located in the Curzon Bloomsbury. And the IDFA Bertha Fund is the only fund in the world dedicated solely to stimulating and empowering the creative documentary sector in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe.

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