Recent CFS tutor Rafael Kapelinski is the director of Butterfly Kisses, winner of a Crystal Bear at this year's Berlin International Film Festival. The Crystal Bear celebrates the best film in the Generation 14Plus category - films made for a young audience.

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Butterfly Kisses tells the story of Jamie, his two friends, and a teenage world revolving around sex and porn:

Each of the three friends battle with their own demons: since the death of his mother, Kyle finds the only comfort he can with prostitutes; Jarred's sex addiction manifests into more extreme fetishes; and then there's Jamie.

Jamie has a dark secret and desires that he can't confess to his friends. How can Jamie deal with feelings that must never be divulged to anyone, ever? 

Butterfly Kisses was produced through Film London's Microwave scheme, and won over the Berlin jury: "From the kaleidoscopic opening sequence onwards, we are captivated by the haunting intensity of this electrifying feature film debut."

Congratulations to Rafael, and his cast and crew!