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Course Summary

Our one-month course offers students a variety of documentary practices, and considers the broader context of documentary, by teaching current approaches: from the development phase through to platform delivery. Students will deliver a short documentary film at the end of the programme.

Course Highlights

  • understand various documentary approaches in relation to your chosen subject matter

  • relate and apply ethical issues to your projects including the completion of Ethics & Diversity legal paperwork and Risk Assessments

  • produce professional standard work covering scripting, technical, editorial

  • work professionally in a location documentary shoot

  • Meet high-profile working industry professionals who tutor on the course

  • Learn to write and direct as well as working on your own short film

  • critically reflect on your work as a maker of documentary, and the work of your peers and wider context

Entry Requirements

This course is for students aged 18+. We require a whole-hearted commitment to the four week course as it is a highly intensive and requires passion and dedication. It is a chance to experience real filmmaking with industry leading tutors and facilities, and we welcome applications for this course from anybody ready to get their hands dirty and begin their adventure in cinema.

Student Films

Course Timeline

Week 1 - Theory and Practice Training

The first week of the course is about theory and practice associated with Documentary filmmaking. Students will experience a range of documentary work, in readiness for the technical training in Documentary Camera and Sound. The theme of the student Documentary project is locked.

Week 2 - Practical Training

In the second week, students will receive in- depth training in editing for Documentary form. Tutorial support will further develop the student project, alongside Documentary Production training and Scripting.

Week 3 - Pre-Production and The Shoots

Student will finalise their pre-production materials and receive final tutorial support, and production tutorials in Risk Assessment writing. The Documentary Shoots then follow with observations by a course tutor.

Week 4 - Post-Production and Delivery

In the final week, the Documentary crews will work in Post Production to edit and sound mix their films. On the final day, the films will be screened to Industry Professionals, family and friends.

Home / EU - £2,195
Registration Fee - £100

Duration: 4 weeks
Start date: 8 July 19 / 05 Aug 2019

Course Fees

You will also need a Production hard drive for your work and travel expenses.  The School will cover Actors costs, shooting kit and Production costs for the programme.