On Set

Central Film School is committed to training students in established industry practice while at the same time actively embracing emerging digital technologies. At Central Film School, students learn to shoot on a range of formats across both film and Digital High Definition.

In addition to learning to shoot on film, students also learn to shoot on solid state digital cameras including the ground-breaking Canon C-300 35mm Sensor HD Movie Camera. This camera comes equipped with a Wi-Fi transmitter that outputs all live camera information wirelessly to an accompanying iPad.  This unit also comes with a jib and remote follow-focus, providing students with professional-grade shooting facilities. 

The same principle applies to all other equipment at the school, where students train on the same kit as they will use when they move on to work in the industry.

Editing & Post-Production

We train our filmmakers to work with industry standard software throughout production. All our Apple machines are provided with specific Adobe application as well as Macbooks for on-set work.  The school also has a Post Production Online Finishing Suite comprising: Eizo 4K reference monitor and sound mixing desk

Production Management

Students are provided with office production facilities as well as the support from our in house Head of Production. Students will have an opportunity to work with industry standard software including Movie Magic Budgeting and Movie Magic Scheduling.