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Directing the Visual Story

Directing the Visual Story


Directing the Visual Story

Directing the Visual Story


The Fundamentals of Composition & Camera Directing for Visual Storytelling.

A six-week course designed to introduce and enhance the attributes that inform visual storytelling, for new filmmakers.

Using demonstrations, hands-on exercises and case studies from a broad range of films, you will explore how shot choices inform the visualization of the story. A sample script will be provided as the basis for the assignments between each session. You will be encouraged to use your own camera/mobile device to undertake the projects.

> Start date: 13th of September 2018
> Every Tuesday from 0630pm to 930pm
> 6 Weeks duration
> Limited places available
> ONLY £280

Week One: basic screen grammar

The Impact of shot size on the frame. The impact of lens selection and camera angle of view.


How and why we move a camera during a shot. The impact of moving the camera. The single developing shot and one-shot coverage. Designing moving shots that will edit together.

Week Three: sTAGING THE SCENE versus blocking the action

Mise-en-scéne - what is it, and why it is essential.

Week Four: Pre-Visualisation - Storyboarding and Shot Planning

Traditional and state of the art methods to plan and develop the visual style of your film along with shot planning techniques.

Week Five: The Director & Cinematographer Creative Relationship

Who does what, and what they require from each other. Lighting as a storytelling tool. Working together in pre-production to enhance the director’s vision of the story.


How much directing is needed and when to let go. How to use additional takes. Pick-ups v retakes. What to do when inspiration strikes on set. How to stay flexible but on schedule?