Six-Month Independent Filmmaking




Six-Month Independent Filmmaking


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Course Summary

The Six Month Independent Filmmaking course is designed to provide students with hands- on, practical experience as an independent filmmaker. Students learn how to develop their own voice and style, whilst learning the key aspects of collaborative filmmaking, and the role of the Writer/Director. The emphasis is on ‘learning by doing’ and while there are no formal assessments on the programme, the exchange of feedback between tutor and student on each module is critical for student development throughout the course.

Course Highlights

  • Excellent practical tuition from working film industry professionals.

  • Learn to shoot on Professional High Digital.

  • Work on excess of 4 films during the course.

  • Small class sizes.

  • Not only learn to write and direct, but also how to work effectively in key crew roles.

  • Meet high-profile working industry professionals who are tutors on the course.

  • New high-spec facilities including a fully air-conditioned studio.

  • Access to equipment and facilities outside of class time.


Central Film School believes that filmmakers find their voice by having a thorough understanding of the technical processes involved in the telling of the story.  Hence, the course familiarises students in the following roles: 

  • Directing ( Director, 1st Assistant Director, Script Supervisor)

  • Cinematography (Director of Photography, Camera Operator)

  • Sound (Sound Mixer, Boom Operator)

  • Producing (Producer, Production Manager, Location Manager)

  • Editing (Editor, Sound Designer)

  • Scriptwriting (Screenwriter)

Student Films

Entry Requirements

Minimum age: 18
Minimum English Language level: Upper Immediate

Visa Requirements

If you are a student outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, you will need a Short-term study visa to study on a course which is of 6 months duration or less.  A short-term study visa is different from a student visa and the school will provide the student with necessary documentations once the student is accepted on the course and payment has been made.  For more details, please visit the government website or our admission office.

Course Timeline


In the Group Film, students focus on visual storytelling as they develop their understanding of the fundamental nature of narrative and cinema, and receive a solid foundation in essential technical skills. Topics covered at this stage include Directing, visual storytelling, casting, shooting on location and post-production.


This stage gives students the opportunity to develop, direct and edit a 1-2 minute film, shot in the Studio at the school. The focus is on directing a crew and actors and developing a communicable vision statement. Directors will learn how to prepare their approach thoroughly and how to communicate their vision with other Heads Of Departments and well as their cast. Emphasis is placed on developing an understanding and ability to create, facilitate and direct ‘mise-en-scene’ i.e. Setting, Staging and Production Design.


With development of the final project script beginning in the first weeks of the course, by this stage students have a script that’s been developed to a workable draft. Once the project has been green-lit, after final script development and pre-production, students will have two days in which to shoot their films. The final weeks of the course are dedicated to post-production and feedback, with a screening event taking place at the end in our on-site Screening Theatre.

On completion

By the end of the course students will:

  • Have a working understanding of everything from how to assess the dramatic and filmic merits of a script to adjusting the sound design of the final version of their film.

  • Have gained practical skills in all major departments of filmmaking.

  • Have hands on experience with Adobe products such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Developed a detailed understanding of the schedule and workflow required to make a high quality narrative short film.

  • Have the opportunity to work alongside a Professional Director and DOP on your first film project.

  • Gain invaluable collaborative skills and the professionalism necessary to pursue a career in film.

Students will have gained in excess of 4 film credits through the short films they write, direct, produce and crew on during their time on the course.  These films are designed to provide the opportunity for students to apply the training they receive throughout the course.  Student films are regularly submitted successfully to film festivals and can sometimes provide strong showreel material.  

Course Fees - £7,500
Registration Fee - £100

Duration: 24 weeks
Start date: 8th April 2019
Start date: 7th October 2019

Course Fees

In addition to tuition fees, you will also need Production hard drive for your work and travel expenses.  The School will cover Actors costs, shooting kit and Production costs for module exercises.

**Pay before the 15th March 2019 and get 10% on the course fee.

This is like a journey for me coming from Brazil to Central Film School, It’s been a great experience. I have a BA and Masters degree in Business Management and Marketing but I was not happy, so I decided to try and change my career. I wanted something more direct because I’ve been to university already I didn’t want to spend 4 years studying, I wanted something like more specific and hands-on in film. Central film school was my first option. The whole experience was easy and very practical.
— Vitor Cestare ( Six Month Independent filmmaking Alumni)


"I liked the hands-on approach and the sense of community in the school"
Six Month Independent Filmmaking participant


"I liked the hands-on approach and the sense of community in the school"
Six Month Independent Filmmaking participant