Our Studio

Our studio is fully equipped to become anything the script might call for. Professional rigging and the freedom for students to build any set imaginable has allowed it to become a space station, a fortune-teller's tent, and a Parisian cafe. We've even had a full elevator, with working doors, for the film Hellevator. When the studio just won't do students are always free to use all equipment on location shoots, which have taken place in the misty hills of Wales, the mountains of Scotland, and of course all across the magnificent living set of London.

All films produced on the courses are provided with a production budget, an essential discipline to learn for working in the industry. This means that students do not need to pay for their shoots on top of their course fees. Our Head of Production is always available to help secure filming permissions and advise producers on location shoot logistics and getting the most out of the production budget.  Below are some images from our studio.