Level 4 modules

SCR4001 Introduction to Drama 30 CATS SEM1-2*
PFR4002 Screen Studies 1: Major Movements in Cinema 30 CATS SEM1-2
PFR4003 Visual Storytelling and Screen Grammar 15 CATS SEM1
PFR4004 Working with Actors 15 CATS SEM2
PFR4005 Documentary and Social Impact Filmmaking 15 CATS SEM1-2
PFR4006 Screenwriting: Writing Short Films 15 CATS SEM1-2

LEVEL 5 modules

SCR5001 Introduction to Drama 30 CATS SEM3-4
PFR5002 Writing and Picthing Short Film Scripts 15 CATS SEM3-4
SCR5003 Writing Coverage 1 15 CATS SEM3-4
PFR5004 Writing for Television 30 CATS SEM3-4
PFR5005 Writing for Emerging Formats 15 CATS SEM3
PFR5006 Writing Genre 15 CATS SEM3-4

LEVEL 6 modules

SCR6002 Film Business: Including Markets and Festivals 15 CATS SEM5
PFR6001 Major Feature Film Project 60 CATS SEM3-4
SCR6003 Screen Studies 2: British Cinema 15 CATS SEM5-6
SCR6004 Ideas Generation 15 CATS SEM5-6
PFR6005 Writing Coverage 2 15 CATS SEM6